get music that moves its focus off the
music. And I guess I’m old school like that,
it’s that music that appeals to me before I
start to make it sound good, or add that
Cheap Hotel
respectfully paints a picture,
paving and equally paying homage to some
distinctive ‘80s traits, with brushstrokes
from Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Talking
Heads, and Isley Brothers. Yet, it’s a self-
founded salvation and very palatable,
refreshing in its creative pull never failing
to reach the listener.
BM: Pop sensibilities what are they, and
is it relative when speaking music?
Pop sensibility to me means, it’s
concise, accessible, a lot of the times
immediate, and within that you get a clear
identify of the individual or the artist. It has
to have a journey as with a good book, a
beginning, middle and end. An amalgam of
all those things, really!
It’s always about the songs, some
lending more to certain styles. Today’s
music seems to be more random, but I
believe good songs will always remain the
industry true currency.
BM: As a band, a collective, do you
think that’s something that you should
be conscious of with today’s trends in
music, or just go by what feels right for
the band?
I think a band should do what they
feel. I think the case for us is that we
appreciate pop sensibilities, so that’s why
they emerge in the music coming from
what we enjoy, like hooks and conciseness
in songs.
Mamas Gun’s debut album,
Routes to Riches
picked up support from the likes of the
Sunday Times Culture, The Guardian
as well as
BBC Radio 2.
It was the
band’s unexpected impact in Japan that
really made the world sit up and take note.
Mamas Gun were heralded as the most
played international act in the country that
year, beating Madonna to the No.1 airplay
slot, and also achieving the No.3 sales slot
on the Japanese Billboard charts.
The second album,
The Life & Soul
by Grammy Award winning production
team Martin Terefe and Andreas noted for
success with artists such as Jason Mraz,
Train, James Morrison, Jamie Cullum, and
KT Tunstall, categorically cemented the
band’s reach and reputation both in the
UK and internationally.
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