heap Hotel
, the third album from
Mamas Gun released earlier this
year, promises a trigger happy
undercurrent of equally stable grooves.
Mirroring the creative talents of Julian
Simmons (Ed Sheeran, Guillemots),
founding member Andy Platts also
produced their debut album,
Routes to
Bang on with their sound and
harmonies that resonates a signature tone
to this group of five lads from the capital. I
met with them at London’s Royal Festival
Hall during a sound check in support of
‘90s soul songstress Lisa Stansfield.
Singer-songwriter Andy Platts (AP) shared
his views on releasing two critically
acclaimed albums, and touring with the
likes of De La Soul, Raphael Saadiq and
Beverley Knight. So let’s speak music.
In a nutshell, we found each other
online and just met up and it worked. Right
now, with three albums in, we’re about
to release our third album,
Cheap Hotel.
We’ve been independent pretty much
all the way, which means we’ve had full
creative control, knowing that we could
pick and choose where we wanted to go
in the world and expose ourselves. Oooh,
that didn’t sound right, did it? But you get
what I mean.
BM: So was that a clear move being
independent? Was that something that
you had your sights on?
I think creatively is always attractive!
We made the first album with major label
money, which bailed out on us before we
even signed a contract.
BM: Who was that with?
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