ustralian female rap artist Iggy Azalea has really come through the ranks since
her debut single ‘Work’ early last year and gets better and better with each track
released. Admittedly, on a personal level, I didn’t think much of her sound when she
first walked ‘a mile in these Louboutins’ but that immediately changed when she
released ‘Fancy’ with Charli XCX and ‘Black Widow’ with darling of the pop world,
Rita Ora. Now with a new album entitled
and new single ‘Beg for It’
featuring Danish sensation MØ being released on 24th November, I’m looking
forward to hearing more from the international rap siren. Her second studio album
will include seven tracks from her debut album
The New Classics
as well as five brand
new tracks featuring vocal collaborations with US superstar Jennifer Hudson, global
pop-sensation Ellie Goulding and new Danish buzz artist of the moment MØ, all
produced by song-writing and music production trio The Invisible Men.
At this year’s American Music Awards, Iggy is up for six nominations including
‘Artist of the Year’, ‘New Artist of the Year’ and ‘Single of the Year’ ahead of
artists such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Pharrell. Following Iggy and Rita Ora’s
flawless performances at the MTV VMA and on hit US TV show Ellen Degeneres,
‘BlackWidow’ dominated the airwaves for weeks.The track has sold in excess of
2 million copies worldwide, reaching the top five in both the US and the UK for
two consecutive weeks as well as sitting at No.1 on Pop Radio in the US. Her
summer smash hit single ‘Fancy’ featuring Charli XCX has sold over 7 million
copies across the globe and has become the most streamed track ever on US
Spotify. Iggy now boasts the longest ever run at Billboard #1 by a female
rapper eclipsing Lil’ Kim’s five week run in 2001 with ‘Lady Marmalade’.
Beg For It
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