New Single Releases
Jada Brookes
looks at some of the recently released singles covering
various genres of music.
hen listening to 18+’s track ‘All the Time’ for the first time, it
could easily be described as both sexy and enchanting or as
DazedDigital puts it, “Gothic R&B made with a sparse post-internet
aesthetic.” The male and female duo hail from LA and New York and
have been together since 2011. They were previously known only
as Boy and Sis but have recently revealed their real names as Justin
and Samia.Their sound is said to have evolved through several media
formats of music, performance and visuals and graphically explores
identity, gender, sex and morality. Signed to the Houndstooth label
housed at Fabric earlier this year, 18+ have now released their debut
which saw them perform two dates on 7th November
at Birthdays and 13th November at Rough Trade In-store in London.
18+’s distinctive sound is known to bewitch its audience with sonics
that are at once over-bearing yet subtle with the delicate voice of
Samia spitting sweet nothings over messed-up beats which seems to
seep into your subconscious and remains there. Until recently, their
mixtapes had only existed in the dark underbelly of the Internet but
this all changed when their debut single ‘Crow’ sold out of physical
copies in unbelievable time. Already hunted by Prada to soundtrack
one of their campaign videos, 18+ have been performing shows in art
galleries across the globe and are set to do select shows in the last
quarter of 2014.
18+’s debut album
is available on vinyl, CD and download now.
All the Time
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