second, not knowing how much of painful
creative time is involved.” The other side
of the coin is “changing time for sure! I
have never enjoyed changing costumes. My
personality even changes.” To date, Ayumi
has never explored a ‘big group show’
but would love to do this one day and
ensuring that a cutting edge and successful
performance is met takes “a mixture of
familiarity and pure madness. I believe
every single individual have some madness
inside. If I were an audience, I would like
to experience it through someone else’s
energy but it always has to be pleasurable.”
Since starting her career as a performer,
Ayumi has discovered she has more
zest for life. “I have become hungrier for
what I love in my daily life since I started
performing. Needless to say, there are so
many great shows in town all the time,
but I am more focused on what I believe
in rather than caring about the market
demand.” Her favourite pole performance
is to the song ‘Fever’ because “it is one
of my oldest numbers that I have been
performing for a while but still feel happy
whenever I dance to it.” When she’s not
stretched out on a pole or eating fire,
Ayumi likes to relax playing with her
favourite fashion items that are too normal
for the show.“Otherwise, it’s watching old
cooking shows. The ‘80s were great.” She
cites Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro
as ‘an unbelievable actor’ and has a long
list of other performers (too many to tell)
that she admires. In terms of the industry,
Ayumi says,“speaking of the entertainment
scene in London, many people say we
had a blast over the last ten years. Then
we got used to it. I can see plenty of new
venues which have got a similar concept
nowadays and somehow feels there is
a lack of interaction. We all need more
communication and that would be the key
so we can get the vibes back to the scene,
and that is exactly what performers can
As part of a fire group called ‘The Burning
Belles’, Ayumi reveals their future plans,
“We are all fire performers and our
show is about synchronised fire dance
to classical music. I am excited that we
could be the ones who will deliver this
new type of performing arts for the scene
as it is indeed original. I am also directing
shows for clubs in London. I hope that the
creative team will expand and make more
unique shows all over the town.” What
about the future? “As mentioned earlier, I
just want people to be happy and say,‘I had
a good time’.That is always the motivation
for me which will never let me give up on
the entertaining business. There is a pile
of challenges, but I see a bright hope in
there as long as people come and enjoy
with me.”
Videos of Ayumi’s pole and fire
performances can be viewed on her
Image courtesy of Ayumi La Noir
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