hile growing up, from infancy to probably pre-
teens, you were probably more likely to have
been warned not to play with fire, and if you
did, you would get hurt bad… real bad! But performer
Ayumi LaNoire seems to have mastered the art of playing
with fire and has no fear of getting burnt. After all, there
is a special technique to the art and not just anyone could
do it. Also, she has another pastime, one that really gets
the crowd going and is often performed with very little
light. She starts with her back to the crowd, donning a
Japanese Kimono gown and starts teasing the crowd a
bit by exposing a shoulder or two with a little dance here
and there as though she’s about to perform a strip tease.
Then suddenly the gown is off to reveal a rather sexy
number showing off her slim and toned body, which gets
the crowd cheering their approval. Ayumi then grabs
the pole while keeping in with the beat of electro music
and does some rather aerobic positions that I couldn’t
really imagine myself doing. Yet, Ayumi does this with
poise and the expertise of a trained dancer. Yes, you’ve
guessed it;Ayumi LaNoire is a pole performer as well as a
fire-eating babe.
Starting out as a trained stage actress in her late teens,
Ayumi chose performance as her vocation because she
loved entertaining people and has been doing so for
almost ten years. Her first stint in acting was in a school
play. “I think I was five years old and I did a bread roll
(yes, a bread roll). I was not even a main character so got
jealous of other kids playing nice bread. It was a story
about bread.” Her influences derive from her cultural
background, having been born in Japan and Japanese
subculture. She also cites arts and comedies, which she
says she used to love.When performing, the message she
aims to bring across is one where the audience feels that
they have a good night and that will make their following
day a little better. Throwing out smiles and energy
toward the audience often gets their attention too. “I
do not get attracted only by a spectacular performance
but also by the connectivity between the performer and
the audience. What we all search for is an emotional
exchange I believe.” Her most enjoyable and rewarding
moment when performing is, “when I get to see people
who watched my performance or video footage in a
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