At a well hidden venue in St Martins Lane,
Dayle Best
attends French
Tuesdays’ Pink Party at the Library and reveals what happened on the
night. Shhh, remember, it’s a library.
n an elongated space with floor-to-ceiling walled bookcases,
Library is a new prestigious venue desired by those in the
know and hidden away within central London’s St Martins
Lane.This new private members’ club for the eclectic literary
community was the colourful venue for FrenchTuesdays’ ‘Pink
Party’ event. The evening started with a sparkle, fluorescent
tubes and Taittinger Champagne, and a strong party flare in
the air as this evening’s crowd showed early signs of getting
into the party mood. Thanks to French Tuesdays, members
and guests could enjoy and explore this literary hub while
creative people and entrepreneurs could network whilst still
having a party. Now, if that isn’t having your cake and eating
it, then the French Tuesdays team could be held guilty for
arranging such an eventful clash of interests.
A very chic event with a touch of pink, the canapés made their
way around the room whilst the evenings’ entertainment
included a special appearance from up-and-coming artist
Samantha, who looked equally stunning in the chosen colour
scheme. There are no birthday celebrations this evening,
but yet those who have reserved tables turn the flame up
a blaze with discussion and party poppers aided by the
electric sounds of DJ Tony. Ever warm and welcoming, Alla
Furmanova, event manager for French Tuesdays takes a bow
in her gratitude to both guests and team. And not forgetting
the champagne provided by Taittinger who brought the liquid
sparkle to the evening. One of the few remaining Champagne
Houses, Taittinger is owned and actively managed by the
family name on the label, whose origins dates back to 1734,
when the original house was founded by Jacques Fourneaux.
The party ravels on as bartenders are kept busy whizzing
up fizzy concoctions in couture waistcoats, while the dance
friendly crowd meet and greet each other. But hey, who’s
watching the clock anyway? No one by far, after all it’sTuesday,
French Tuesdays.
Pretty in Pink
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