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Rachel Moore

test-drives several FoM

products and delivers her predict as well

as some advice.


oM may sound like the kind of

Internet slang you would find

in urban dictionary at first but

it’s actually the snappy acronym

ofWest London skincare brand

‘Freshness of the Morning’.

The name hints at the brand’s

100% natural approach to

skincare and anti-ageing. Their

USP (unique selling point) is

that they research,develop,and

produce all of their products

from their West London

base and freshness of their

all-natural essential oils and

extracts is key. This ensures

that all the regenerative and

antioxidant properties of the

ingredients are captured. The

list of ingredients is impressive

as well, with over 30 key

natural extracts, ranging from

papaya extract to avocado oil.

For many of us, the idea of

completely natural products

is great, but ultimately what

we really want is performance,

particularly when it comes to fighting

the signs of ageing. FoM has cleverly

devised a three-pronged approach

to tackling ageing, but remain

true to their brand philosophy.

Step 1: revitalise the skin’s natural

collagen with their signature phyto

complexes. Step 2: protect the skin

from antioxidants with ingredients

such as carrot and green tea extract.

Finally, step 3 is to nourish with

vitamins, minerals and essential fatty

acids like linseed oil and vitamin B5.

Brand founder Zaga Colovic knows

from experience what our natural

desires are: “We women want it

all - the most effective ingredients

that give results such as Harley

Street doctors’ injections and

botox, in highly natural formulas

with silky textures and non-greasy

feeling, divine scents that are also

luxurious and eco-friendly.” Sounds

about right! So, sold on the brand

philosophy, the only thing left to do

is test-drive some of the products.

In the spirit of a good skincare routine,

I start with a cleanser:


Blossom Facial Cleanser.


on the name I’m expecting it to be

delicious, and it doesn’t disappoint.The

aroma of orange blossom water hits

you immediately, and it’s also possible

to detect the extract of rosehip. It’s a

creamy cleanser, but I notice straight

away that it’s not a heavy rich cream

that you often find, but a lovely light

lotion. This product is designed to

moisturise and cleanse at the same

time, so there’s no synthetic foaming

agents, which can strip the skin. It also

removes make-up, so there’s no need

to do this separately. As someone that

unfortunately suffers from rosacea,

I appreciate it contains honeybush

leaves which help to reduce redness

and inflammation.

Brand Spotlight: