Mall of Qatar

As a super-regional mall, Mall of Qatar is distinguished by its presence, its novelty, and its concept. It really sets itself apart through opening doors to new ideas and defining new measures of spectacular. The investment in its prosperity, its size and stature, its approach and conception, and its carefully constructed branding together complete a remarkable structure with discernible ingenuity.

Mall of Qatar Grand Opening Ceremony

Visitors celebrated the unforgettable day with a variety of exciting activities. In addition to a memorable performance by Il Divo, stage shows included Shaolin Warriors – a showcase of the remarkable skills of over 10 kung fu masters who demonstrated over a thousand years’ of Chinese martial-arts culture, as well as the Dinosaur Zoo live performance with amazingly life-like dinosaurs and other creatures performed on stage. The mall-wide shows included tree walkers, balloon dragons and flower walking parades for all visitors to enjoy. Families also experienced thrilling kiddy balloon rides inside the mall. Furthermore, MOQLIVE amazed audiences with its mesmerising live performances.“


Mall of Qatar Grand Opening Ceremony

When it comes to incredible entrainment options, Mall of Qatar still maintains the traditional elements with its 19-screen Megaplex operated by NOVO, which includes VIP screens and in-gourmet food services, as well as a bowling alley. However, it pushes the boundaries of the imagination by introducing IMAX’s revolutionary laser projection and immersive sound system on the largest screen in the Middle East region, in addition to the latest 4D projection technology screen offering an immersive experience with special effects and seats that move in synchronisation with the movie.

The Mall also stays true to offering an incredible retail mix of over 500 brands including over 100 food and beverage options.

It was a day filled with magnificent experiences, laughter and great times that truly set the tone for what is yet to come. We are really looking forward to welcoming more guests from near and far, and showing them our Mall of Qatar hospitality and a truly unique experience – where a new surprise will be waiting with every visit,” Rony Mourani added


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