launches three decadent, fairground inspired imperial stouts

Flavour-forward, independent brewery, Siren Craft Brew, has recently launched its all-new collection of imperial stouts – dubbed ‘The Fairground’ – just in time for Christmas! Over two years in the making, these barrel-aged stouts have been crafted using a specially designed beer base, and aged in bourbon and rye barrels, resulting in a collection of three scrumptious winter warming concoctions.

The beers – Helter Skelter, Waltzer and Haunted House – have each been infused with various fruits and flavours, from coffee to coconut, to give beer aficionados everywhere something to get excited about during this year’s festivities and well into the new year. The thick, creamy body and muscovado sugar harmonise with notes of burnt toffee and honeycomb, layering textures and flavours just as Siren voices intertwine in Greek mythology.

Helter Skelter – 13.5% ABV

For the chocoholics out there, Helter Skelter is an amalgamation of hand-peeled orange zest and an indulgent chocolatey base, all embedded with subtle vanilla wafer notes thanks to the added oak. A truly playful beer that is sure to bring a smile to your face after the very first sip!

Waltzer – 13.5% ABV

One for the breakfast-inspired stout lovers, Waltzer blasts notes of coffee while echoing hints of rum, all thanks to the barrel-aged rum-infused coffee beans that have been brewing up a storm for over 24 months. The complexity of Waltzer’s acidity, biscuity notes, cherries, and dried fruits all join in unison with the delightfully velvety head to become an intoxicating treat.

Haunted House – 13.5% ABV

Haunted House makes use of cacao husks to give this delightful beverage a chocolate explosion from the get-go, while hints of light milk chocolate resonate beneath, taking you on a journey through different dimensions of sweetness. This is further accentuated by the toasted coconut chips that thicken the texture and broaden the flavour profile. The result is to die for; it is a real gift for the senses.

The Fairground is available to purchase online at the Siren Craft Brew webshop – They are priced at £10.00 per individual 375ml bottle or £30 for the trio set.

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