Introducing the Bugatti of home audio 

BUGATTI and TIDAL Audio have collaborated to introduce the ‘Bugatti of home audio’, a new category of sound systems, underpinned by unrivalled exclusivity and high quality like no other. Beginning with the ‘Royale’ range of speakers, this will lead the way for luxury in the home audio sector. With avant-garde technical meeting a passion for design, the perfect finish and outstanding results provide a visual promise of breathtaking performance that follows. Just as the engine of a Bugatti hyper sports car releases power and emotions, this unrivalled sound impresses with its finest definition and incredible power.

 The superlative quality becomes its own metaphor and redefines the parameters of audio equipment design. Just as the BUGATTI models on four wheels give an almost infinite number of possibilities for customisation, the options list for this new standard of home audio is equally as unique. As for the design, there are two main themes: Monocoque and Duotone. One can select between piano finishes or avant-garde colour and material combinations. Each ‘Royale’ loudspeaker pair can be customised with carbon fibre, fabrics, leather, polished stainless steel, dark aluminium or precious metal surfaces. 

The front of the speakers shows the BUGATTI logo plaque, finished in polished stainless steel and curved to accommodate the shape of the unit up to the brand’s qualities for personalisation and performance. Every set of speakers by TIDAL for BUGATTI is subject to a very personal bespoke ordering process, allowing the customer to share their precise vision of the best audio system in the world. And the plaque at the backside, branded ‘TIDAL for BUGATTI’ underlines the exclusive cooperation. 

The ‘Royale’ is deploying four subwoofer drivers per speaker and a three-way front unit with a midrange-driver and tweeter with diamond diaphragms. The diamond diaphragm tweeter can also be found in our cars. The Royale is an active speaker with housing extremely powerful amplifier channels inside. The matching music controller allows connection to all kinds of sources, including music streaming services and TV and can be controlled with smart devices. 

The start of the partnership manifests itself in the ‘Edition Noir’ and ‘Edition Blanc’, each limited to only 15 pairs.

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