Yauatcha, the Chinese dim sum teahouse in London, has announced the unveiling of their rainbow potstickers exclusively designed in support of Magic Breakfast. Yauatcha Rainbow dumplings will be available to order via Deliveroo, Supper and Uber Eats throughout the month of June, and for each box purchased a month of breakfasts for a child will be donated through the charity Magic Breakfast. 

With a goal of providing over 8,000 breakfasts within the month, the colourful array of seven rainbow dumplings includes a red dumpling filled with Szechuan tenderloin beef; the orange with cumin-spiced lamb; the yellow with chicken and chive; the green with mushroom and bamboo pith; the blue with seafood and spinach; the indigo with pork and prawn; and the violet dumpling with truffle sweet potato. 

Magic Breakfast works to ensure that no child in their partner schools is too hungry to learn by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to help identify and reach the 1.8 million pupils at risk of hunger in the UK. A hungry child cannot concentrate, meaning they could potentially miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if not provided with something nutritious to eat in the morning. Yauatcha’s goal of providing over 8,000 breakfasts in June will help to unlock many hours of education which children would otherwise miss through hunger.


Yauatcha is a Chinese dim sum teahouse with two restaurants in London, in the heart of Soho and in the City, offering an all-day grazing experience. Launched in Soho in 2004, Yauatcha gained immediate critical acclaim and received numerous prestigious awards including a Michelin star. Yauatcha City opened in May 2015 following the success of the Soho restaurant. Yauatcha provides a unique dining experience, offering authentic dim sum with a contemporary influence. The renowned menu includes a wide selection of dim sum and a list of over 24 types of tea. The original design concept by Christian Liaigre offers full view of the kitchens allowing passers-by to witness the preparation of the expertly made dishes.

Yauatcha Rainbow dumplings are available for delivery through Deliveroo, Supper and Uber Eats across East and West London.

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