Tramp in Disguise has launched a new womenswear collection for 2020 named ‘Unimated.’ The collection takes its name from the first industrial robot, called Unimate that was generated by George Devol in the 1950’s. 

The designer Sini Moilanen found inspiration for this 2020 collection in Artificial Intelligence, following an article she read about how AI has the power to prevent climate change, along with other future environmental issues. AI is the “game changer” for climate change and environmental issues. Passionate about sustainability, the brands previous collections have been inspired by the impact of climate change. Therefore having discovered that AI can quickly discern patterns that humans cannot, designer Sini was eager to explore this theme. 

For the new collection, the designer has created original prints that reflect the inspiration and feature elements of neural networks, drones, motherboards, elements of robotics and computer coding. Along with these colourful and intricate prints, the fabrics used throughout the collection include colour changing knits, tencel fabrics made from eucalyptus trees, rayon fabrics made from wood cellulose and bamboo jersey. The collection features dresses, printed jackets, jumpsuit, elegant jumpsuits, wrap skirts, colourful tops, shirts and trousers. Working towards a zero waste policy, the brand has created accessories using fabric scraps of the garment production.

Tramp in Disguise is a high end womenswear label known for its colourful prints. Offering dazzling collections that are fun, youthful, modern and edgy, each collection is made in-house, in London and always includes dresses, some unisex garments as well separates such as jackets, jumpsuits, skirts, tops and trousers. 

Tramp In Disguise was established in 2010 by designer Sini Moilanen, Finnish born fashion and Textile designer who has qualified M.A. in Fashion Design specializing in knitwear design from Royal College Art. Whilst studying at the RCA, Sini taught herself print design and now her exciting prints and wearable silhouettes are the signature throughout each of her collections. 

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