Australian singer Kim Churchill has shared the video for his new single, ‘After the Sun’, the first track to be taken from his upcoming ‘I AM’ EP, out May 3rd. 

An uplifting blend of laid-back acoustic instrumentals and subtle electronica, ‘After the Sun’ builds through gentle, flowing verses into bold, anthemic choruses laden with sun-drenched atmosphere.

Featuring a stunning video filmed around Berlin, both it and the track are masterful juxtapositions of man-made and natural themes: while the track explores the futility of chasing the sun when it will always rise again, the video sees Kim travelling around various buildings and forests in the city, where the lines between the natural and man-made become blurred as nature inevitably takes back control.

 “As we started searching the city and finding things, we noticed that there were so many wonderful examples of nature jumping into buildings, re-taking over what it originally owned,” explains Kim. “That’s really inspiring for me, that the beautiful creative side to our DNA, that we just don’t understand, finds a way to come out again and again.”

Recorded in Berlin and produced by experienced house and hip-hop producer Vincent Kottkamp, the track is the first to taken from his upcoming ‘I AM’ EP, the first of four EPs which have each been recorded in separate cities around the world, with EPs recorded in Vancouver Island, Canada, The Blue Mountains, Australia, and London to follow.

Kim has been living a nomadic lifestyle for the past eight years and the EPs are reflective of wanting to capture his “emotional responses to a constantly changing environment”, and how each different location alters how he writes and creates music.

 Allowing each location to seep into his creative process, the result is a completely unique and authentic representation of a time, place, and character.

 Kim will also be embarking on a full European tour in May, including at show at London’s Jazz Café on the 28th. Full dates can be found below, and tickets are available here.


13th – Munchen, Unter Deck

14th – Dresden, Groovestation

15th – Berlin, Badehaus

17th – Amsterdam, Bitterzoet

18th – Hamburg, Nochtspeicher

20th – Koln, Blue Shell

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