MESHEME is the brainchild of Saeed Khilji, the Chairman of the Textile Manufacturer Association of Leicestershire. This exciting line of womenswear launched officially at Café de Paris on the 5th October, with their debut runway showcasing wearable designs at affordable pricing.

The first line includes a capsule wardrobe which will cater to your every need, glamourous evening wear, smart casual office attire as well as weekend clothing which can be easily married up with your existing wardrobe.

Editors picks include MESHEME’s autumnal yellow leather biker jacket, the perfect outerwear for sporting with your office wardrobe or wearing on a night out. Other highlights feature a midnight black glitter playsuit, the perfect Christmas party piece featuring long sleeves and off the shoulder details. For casual vibes, MESHEME have put together a line of coordinates in soft grey cotton, ideal for top knot Sundays at home.


MESHEME was created out of a need for an ethical online women’s fashion retailer with an aim to push sweatshops out of business. Due to high demands from clothing retailer’s, factories are given very little room to make money, and are often paying their workers substantially lower than the minimum wage to facilitate large orders.

Spokeman and Creative Director for MeSheMe, Jamie Chambers, stated “For us at MeSheMe, it’s not just about the Fashion. It’s about the people involved within the fashion industry and our obligation to them as industry professionals. Having witnessed first hand the conditions and working situations of workers in Leicester, it is integral for me and MeSHeMe, that we do something positive and morally acceptable to help these people. The cause behind MeSheMe is a powerful and current one and affects hundreds of thousands of workers and their families, in the UK and Worldwide. We intend to work closely with influential people across various industries to revolutionise the industry and bring about ethical working conditions and pay within the fashion industry of the UK and after that, globally”.


MeSheMe circumvents this issue by selling products from their warehouse straight to the consumer, and is run not-for-profit. This allows textiles factories, not just from the UK, but from around the world to pay their workers a good wage, and leaves them with enough profit margin to reinvest back in to their factories. This will help dissuade them away from lackluster attitudes towards things like health and safety.
“I know that most retailers don’t pay ethical prices to their manufacturers, and that is how sweatshops start. MeSheMe will give manufacturers from all over the world the opportunity to sell their products directly to the public. This is the only way to change the way the industry works. It’s time to act now rather than criticize”. Saeed Khiliji

All these efforts will also be good news for the UK textiles industry, especially in his native Leicester. In helping manufacturers pay a fair wage, and still end up with good profit margins, the UK textiles market will look more appealing to others as they hopefully change their practices of turning a blind eye to clear infringements of minimum wage and health and safety law.




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