Turn on, tune in and take a flight with uplifting beats, soulful lyrics and a dash of ‘alien-rap’ – Johny Dar’s original vocal expression that delivers a sonic experience like no other…

Johny Dar is an artist and designer (and alien) re-designing the realms of fashion, art, music and more.  ‘Be Free’ is his new single – a progressive ‘space-house’ track and love song to humanity that presents a fresh perspective on the present state of the human race.  Not to mention it features a completely new musical language in the form of ‘alien-rap’ – which Dan Vinci has masterfully merged with modern electronic production to create a unique audio experience that is addictively easy on the ears.

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‘Be Free’ seems to allude to a lost romance, but this initial impression veils a deeper message that calls upon its audience to ‘remember’ a time of harmony with nature and each other – a time before ‘lies came between us’ and separated humanity from our innate freedom and unity.  Johny Dar clearly has a message for the people of planet earth – ‘What happened to us…We used to be free.’

While the lyrics deliver an impression of yearning that is not disempowered, ‘Be Free’’s ambient beats sweetly sweep listeners into a satisfying sense of liberation – a transient experience of the natural state of being that Dar claims to ‘remember’.  Dan Vinci’s slick production of Dar’s mind-boggling ‘alien-rap’ mingles the cosmic with the futuristic and fuels a progressive sense of euphoria as ‘Be Free’ elevates its audience to ‘rise above the fear’ to a grander experience of ‘together’.

This fresh, innovative new single from Johny Dar is a heartfelt reminder of the power of music to reawaken the freedom and unity that can be found within and among us.  And it’s a catchy tune too.

It’s time to move like you never moved before.   Dardelica has landed and the future is here.

‘Be Free’ will be available on all digital platforms from 6th October 2017.


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