ZIAD has a romantic vision of a season in magic colors where white predominates.  A white that appears as cold as snow and that gradually heats up when velvet, feathers, tulle and lace are interwoven through learned embroideries. Numerous cut-outs on the back and shoulders draw the body to reveal a bewitching femininity. Navy, gray and red enriches the colors of this magical forest. And a bride like a queen of an exceptional night, dressed in white and gold that illuminates this universe fit to the legends of a thousand and one nights.

Maison Ziad Nakad  : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018



PATUNA’S couture collection is a junction between Gaudi’s organic architecture and Dali’s dreamlike abstraction. Oscillating between rigor and fluidity, silhouettes play the feminine / masculine contrast, and follow the movement of the body. Silk, wool, velvet and cotton highlight the flexibility and adaptability of looks.

The color palette ranges from black and pale pink to gray, cardinal violet and white. The designs are dotted with special elements, de- tails dear to Patuna’s work, which punctuate the collection. The knit occupies a large part of the collection: skirts, trousers, shorts, which, like «crutches of reality», highlight the oversize jackets.

Just like Gala, Dali’s muse, the woman Patuna is a woman of character, free and impetuous..


ABE by Ariane Chaumeil

Creation is an emergency; then I learnt the work on glass with blowlamp. I get this way the « Ateliers d’Arts de France » label in 2014. I work the melting glass, giving its forms, colors and reflections because of a repetitive movement, for mastering its viscous and solid condition. To me it’s similar to a violinist, who has no reference point and a total freedom… In order to respect this art, I decided to present my pieces in a casket who represents in the same time my privacy. With the work of metaled laiton, I created more demanding pieces. By sawing, bending, welding the metal, the glass takes another dimension. The laiton meshes are set one by one, like a fabric, allowing the parures to take all the forms and dimensions. The metal engravings give an antique look of which I’m very fond… I have no limit et try every technique and art work in order to show the beauty of the art glasswork, like the « plumasserie » (work with feathers), very present in my works.

I LOVE this freedom of speech! So many years for reaching it… I am autodidact since my childhood; the thirst of discovering, the curiosity brought to me so many artistic experiences, my first kind of intimate expression. I admire so much the perfection of masterpieces, the transcendence of freedom of speech, the federative beauty…

A LITTLE BIT like a rebirth, and also like a coherent continuation, my life is an initiation who gave me my identity : art glassworker and jeweller.

Like MANY of my peers, my goal is to discover the world, to show my vision of the beauty and of the poetry through my creations. This is an introspection, and also a free interpretation of the world around.

IN THIS WILD life, as much tremendous as competitive, my work find its place in the duration, my feelings take their time, the time for making sense… When it’s finished, my work generally took several hundred hours…

NOT AT ALL at the end of this introspection, I use my personal memories, the impressions of my childhood, using the codes of the past, visiting them again, interpreting them again, for giving them a modernity, and, I hope, an everlasting life.

Beauty and eternity are the meaning of my work. From them is born the collection       « PAST TO PRESENT »


EWA MINGE was Inspired by the ancient gypsy fables for her Couture collection fall-winter 2017/18. She transports us into an enchanted, joyful and dancing world of multi-colored and multi-layered silhouettes, numerous details and accessories evoke the rich and singing world of this culture, that appears on many garments with embroideries and butterflies.

The below were created by the “students” of the Black Butterflies Foundation as part of the art-therapy.

Indeed, under the eye of the designer and this for several months, women who fight against cancer have made “small works of art” from pearls. And as they say, these butterflies helped us to pass this difficult time during treatment and transported us to another wonderful world where everything is possible.

Art helps to keep the disease away;  These women will be present in Paris to attend the parade and see their butterflies fly into the great capital.               In this fashion show, Ewa Minge wants  as well to present a model “Plus-Size” because she creates for all women and beauty does not have sizes …

Ewa Minge 03sml



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