Callum Stewart’s first album Parachute is taking the music scene by storm with over half a million listens on Spotify. All the way from Northern Ireland, this new star has played the guitar since the age of 12- delivering soulful covers to now, with the help of Hope & Fury Records, the release of his own album.

His latest single “The Dam” music video is about how a young couple deals with the roller coaster ride of what it’s like to be in a relationship- cherishing the good moments and  working through the hard times. His lyrics are packed with more meaning when paired with the artistic cinematography. Callum says,

“I wanted to convey the desperation in the song visually, representing the optimism and promise in the lyrics”

Something tells me this is definitely only the beginning- we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this talented fella.

Be sure to catch Callum today at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen as he supports for X&Y. For more info on tonights gig, click here, but if that’s too short notice be sure to catch him on April 16th supporting Leah McFall at Brighton’s Komedia and at Bush Hall, London on the 2nd May supporting Seafret. 




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