“Bridges to our neighbours hacked away – the world grew bitter and lonely – then ate herself in one final messy banquet.”


On the scale of one to ten, one being a field of daisies and ten being a nightmare, designer Dilara Findikoglu’s theme of her autumn/ winter collection, New World Order falls on ten.  A feast of conflicted emotions stirred with elements of the Victorian era and Medieval monastery makes for a daring feast. Shot in an airy room submerged in disaster, the pieces share burdened secrets of a lost Utopia- merely bits of ash and bone are what remain.

It all sounds rather dark and devastating but I can’t help to say exciting. I feel like she has tapped into the curiosity we all have but are perhaps too scared to say it or even better- wear it. It’s refreshing to see such a uniquely skewed perspective.





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Cait Biller

Social Media Correspondent has always followed an artistic path, from her choice of graphic design at university, to working in print design, photography, illustration and abstract painting. She is inclined to see fashion as an art form in motion, as a visual conversation, which allows people to express themselves. She love’s how diverse and dynamic the industry has become, and as an ever- changing reflection from the differing desires and opinions of each individual. With a keen eye for detail, Cait likes to call herself a creative observer. In her spare time she regularly likes to visit museums and watch live music. The ideal night out is an evening at a jazz bar, with the ultimate goal to travel the world, reporting on social media for the magazine. Follow Cait as she reports on the fashion events around the world.

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